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Digital Nomads choose hamburg

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Hamburg St. Pauli

Hamburg is an attractive destination for digital nomads for several reasons. While it may not be as popular as some other digital nomad hotspots, it offers a unique blend of opportunities, quality of life, and cultural experiences. Here are some of the reasons why digital nomads might choose Hamburg.

1. Europes's 5th largest city has a strong Economy: Hamburg is one of Germany's economic powerhouses, with a diverse economy that includes industries such as shipping, trade, technology, aviation and media. This provides opportunities for freelancers and remote workers in various fields.

PHNX Aparthotel Hamburg Coworking
Large Coworking Area @ PHNX Coliving

2. Excellent Infrastructure: Hamburg boasts a well-developed infrastructure with high-speed internet, cool Coworking spaces such as PHNX, Mindspace and WeWork, and a reliable public transportation system. This makes it a practical and convenient place for digital nomads to work and live.

3. Quality of Life: Hamburg consistently ranks high in terms of quality of life. The city offers a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and a strong focus on work-life balance.

4. Cultural Attractions: Hamburg is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. From theaters and museums to music venues and festivals, there's always something happening in the city. The vibrant neighborhoods of St. Pauli and Sternschanze offer a mix of cultural diversity and nightlife.

5. Green Spaces: Hamburg is a city with a lot of green spaces, parks, and access to the Elbe River. It's an excellent place for those who enjoy outdoor activities and nature.

Sailing on the Hamburg Alster Lake
Aster Lake

6. International Community: Hamburg has a diverse and welcoming international community, making it easy for expats and digital nomads to connect with like-minded individuals.

7. Safety: Hamburg is considered a safe city with low crime rates, making it a comfortable place for digital nomads to live and work.

8. Proximity to Europe: Hamburg's central location in Europe provides easy access to other major cities in Germany and across the continent. It's also a gateway to the Scandinavian countries.

9. Culinary Scene: Hamburg offers a wide range of culinary experiences, from traditional German dishes to international cuisine. The city's food scene is diverse and caters to various tastes.

10. Accessibility: Hamburg has a well-connected international airport and a central train station, making it easy to travel to and from the city.

While Hamburg has many advantages, it's essential to consider your personal preferences, visa requirements, and cost of living when choosing a destination as a digital nomad. Make sure to research thoroughly and ensure that Hamburg aligns with your specific needs and goals.

PHNX Aparthotel Hamburg
Apartments @ PHNX Coliving

In respect to the housing market it can be difficult to find an apartment as the city has a vacancy rate of merely 0,5%. Digital nomads will be positively surprised to learn that there are a number of operators, which offer tailormade solutions for international travellers who seek a work life balance. PHNX Coliving offers hotel service, coworking areas, a restaurant & bar and many community networking events. With 225 apartments this is the second biggest operator in Hamburg. The biggest operator is SYLC and has 347 apartments. Smaller operators are iapartment, iLive and Numa.


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