PHNX brings the cool of co-living to Hamburg. Say goodbye to long-term contracts and hello to total flexibility to stay at your schedule. PHNX frees you to focus on living well, being über-productive, meeting fascinating people and discovering the wonders of our city as part of a vibrant community.

Fully fitted apartments

Co-working space



Restaurant & bar


& gatherings

Concierge service

Convenient transport

Cool neighborhood

Team Lunch

Co-living balances your private refuge with design-inspired social spaces. The engaging and social vibe is what makes this lifestyle unique.


There’s always communal events and experiences to enjoy. But our architecture is based on options, so there’s community when you want it, and privacy as you need it.

Our community managers offers way more than concierge service. They curate the PHNX community with events and experiences that will elevate your life in unexpected ways.


Consider them your new social connector, introducing you to Hamburg and all the people, places and spaces to make your stay great. The friendships and partnerships you’ll make will last a lifetime.

Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH)




Phoenix Shopping Centre

Sport Center


Stadt Park Aussenmuehle lake

Wakeboard Neuländer lake

Farmers market

Co-live in a city known as the ‘gateway to the world’. Hamburg is a watery wonder for international trade with top universities attracting brains and talent from around the world. The city is teeming with architectural marvels with an astonishing musical pedigree and a constant flow of cultural attractions. As a port-city, it’s also non-stop fun. 

We’re located in a borough of Hamburg city known as Harburg. Our neighborhood is even named after our iconic building, Phoenix...or PHNX for short. It’s as little as 10 minutes by public transport to the city centre from Harburg station just across the street.

Events & experiences

We curate events and experiences to elevate your life in all sorts of awesome ways. While we like to do things at PHNX, we also enjoy introducing you to special activities throughout Hamburg and the greater region.

No upcoming events at the moment